"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else's life." Steve Jobs

Suits and ties are a thing of the past. The life-long-job-until-retirement is extinct. But today’s career woman is colorful, dynamic and definitely something new.

What if the world stood still and you could intervene in the nothingness, into life’s events and create something new? Just drink a cup of tea and leave the path you’re on to devote yourself to the things you really care about, without feeling guilty?

If you had the confidence and certainty that today was the first day of your new life, where you no longer have to meet someone else’s expectations, but could live a life based on your innermost desires and do what you have always wanted to do?

What comes to mind?

How would you change your world?

What would you rather do instead of waking up every morning, going to work like a hamster on a treadmill, only to fall asleep exhausted in the evening on the sofa?

Or think of it this way: Imagine how it will feel if you do your job until retirement and then realize that everything was a waste of time and that you didn’t really have any fun at all?

Have you ever asked yourself: Is this all there is to life?

Have you have taken a job out of fear, for security, for the monthly paycheck, but it is making you sick?

Now what?

Where is the fun at work, in your free time and what is burning in your heart?

Today's women have many jobs: family, career, home. We try to come up with new ideas, to co-ordinate all three areas in order to further develop ourselves.


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Today’s women in leadership roles have even more challenges.

Especially when business executives still do not realize that a flex-time model is a necessity for women in the workplace.

Today's women do not just want a family. They also want to have careers, to explore, to create new things and influence others. But what if this is not possible in your current job?

Then it is time to ask: What do I really want?

Do you want to continue a job where you are expected to work 50 hours a week, at the expense of your family and children, so that fictitious deadlines can be achieved for customers, or so that others can get their bonuses?

Or is there really something else you should be doing besides spending your life on the assembly line 24/7 without ever hearing a real “thank you”?

Unfortunately, this scenario is not unrealistic in today’s economy.

On the contrary, it is this burning choice: to either accept and continue what we’re doing, or face the fact that we can change our reality.

Feeling unsure whether you can make a difference or make changes in your company afflicts women in leadership positions too, but I tell them it is always possible to make a difference, when something is close to your heart.

The key, however, is to find out what you really care about, or what you want to change about your life, job or otherwise. A life coach can help you. A coach who does not pretend to be the expert, but a coach who makes you the expert on your goals: a HypnosystemCoach®.

As a HypnosystemCoach®, I start with the belief that every human being already has all the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful and happy. HypnosystemCoaching® provides access to your internal resources. HypnosystemCoaching® is for leaders who want to make a difference in their companies and the world. It’s for people who are willing to take responsibility for their future. With commitment, goals, a vision, and the drive to create something special.


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