Endurance, strength, speed, agility, precision and consistency.

In sports, it is important to give everything you’ve got to achieve 100% performance.

But what decides whether you win or lose?

The ability to retrieve all of the necessary resources at the right moment and to rely on one's intuition.

The fastest sprint, the right jump, the best hit–in competition as well as in practice.

But technique alone is not the decisive factor to be a successful athlete.

To experience greater success, mental training and coaching is also recommended.

Take golf, for example:

Wouldn’t you like to have:

  • a better handicap?
  • a more balanced game?
  • better concentration?
  • inner calmness and focus, before and during the game, no matter what’s going on around you?



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The time spent on a game of golf consists of:

  • 1% for the actual stroke
  • 14% for preparing the stroke, and
  • 85% of the so-called “time in between the shots.”

What we don’t see of course, is the game that happens inside the game. The game that you play unconsciously within yourself during the round.

By this I mean what you are saying to yourself, how you react to feelings and outside influences or your environment.

That 85% spent waiting around is the ideal time to spend on coaching.

I use my HSC® for this purpose. And again, it is about your unconscious attitudes; bringing your strengths and weaknesses to light.

The best technical training will not improve your handicap if, for example, unconsciously, you would rather be playing a completely different sport!

"Coaching into the goal" means more than just concentrating on your technique in order to be successful. Sometimes it also means choosing a different game and setting very different goals.

This is not only true for the golf, but for any physical activity, game, dance or competition.

Being successful in sports means being aware of the goal, in all aspects, and incorporating it into your practice.


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