"The moment you think you can win on your own, you are beginning to lose."—Kimi Raikkonen

HSC® for managers and executives

• My coaching is ideally suited for people who will be responsible for large teams and big decisions or for those already in such a position. It is designed for people who want to create something special or take their organization to the next level.

• Your unbridled commitment must spring from your entrepreneurial spirit, creative drives and ethical beliefs.

• Through HSC®, I help you to see your vision, your strategy, but also your own personality and your role in the big picture.

• Only those who know their individual strengths and weaknesses will be successful. Both aspects of yourself must be understood, accepted, mastered and put to best use use in order for you to take responsibility and become outstanding in your field.

HSC® for Start-ups

• Whether you have new, revolutionary plans for your business or are launching your own start-up, authenticity and focus are very important from day one.

• My coaching will give you the clarity and self-awareness to find the right path for you to be on, even if it is less straightforward than you initially thought.

• Success doesn’t always mean making the best possible decision. It’s more about getting out of your own way, responding intuitively to unexpected challenges, and never losing sight of your original goal.

HSC® für Teams

• Independent thinkers are a rarity in business: team players are the rule.

• As team leader, you are required to create an environment where people can take on the extraordinary. Your task is to create a culture in which enthusiasm is just as important as flexibility in the face of changes in order to implement new ideas.

• With my diverse international experience in the area of leadership, I can help you create a homogenous team from several individual personalities within the group and lead this team to outstanding achievements.

• The HSC® framework will help you recognize the different forces, ideas and abilities at work under the surface of your team. By incorporating this knowledge into your decisions, you will get the most out of your team. Then all tasks and requirements will be jointly accepted and mastered. • But even smaller, independent teams can benefit immensely from my coaching.

• Through HSC® you will recognize and embrace a team as a resource with multiple personalities. However, these sometimes quite contradictory abilities (expectations, experiences, visions and fears) can be harmonized, bundled and synergized to become something unbeatable.