One of my clients was an ambitious yet deeply dissatisfied golfer. His handicap varied in an inexplicable way. From one day to the next he could play an excellent game, only to play embarrassingly bad the next time. Even with intense golf coaching, the disparity continued.

When I opened access to his unconscious during an HSC® session, something truly bizarre came to light: it turned out that the color yellow was of existential importance to the client. Warm yellow liberated unimagined inner and outer harmony in him.

So if his golf partner happened to be wearing a yellow pullover on the course, or daffodils or sunflowers were in bloom nearby, he played with a perfect swing and above-average scores. If there was no yellow color in sight, he played badly.

Because HSC® is solution-oriented, it is not important to find out the reason for such a strange preference.

It is enough to make small adjustments so now this client plays with yellow golf balls and carries his clubs in a new, bright yellow golf bag which he positions so that he can see it for every shot.

Since this remarkable discovery he has been playing golf at a level far beyond his previous scores.