This young woman was not sure how to handle this situation when she reached out to me. Her dream was to become a surgeon, but as soon as she was in the operating room with a patient, ready to assist, she would feel dizzy and nauseated. And even with her acquired professional knowledge, she was not able to control these side effects.

Using the HSC® method, I guided her into a light trance into her unconscious.

It turned out that she felt obliged to an old task and that this task had something to do with her grandmother and that a grave played a significant role in the task.

Here again, HSC® is not used to analyze the underlying blockage, as a therapist would do. And what’s truly sensational is that the method does not have to treat the old trauma to work! As soon as the unconscious blockage comes to light, it loses its power and it can be dissolved.

After this session, the young woman could work at the operating table for an hour before the first symptoms appeared. And within a few weeks, her symptoms disappeared completely.